Jesen u vašoj bašti

Jesen je već uveliko stigla i vrijeme je da posvetite jesenju njegu biljkama u vašoj bašti. Potrebno je stare biljeke zamijeniti novima.

Jesen je pravo vrijeme da posadite šarene maćuhice! Cvijet maćuhica zbog svoje otpornosti na hladnoću i zimu, te mogućnost preživljavanja zime vani u otvorenom vrtu je jedna od neizostavnih cvjetova  koje se sade u jesen u vrt.

Biljke koje u jesen mogu da krase vašu baštu su i vrijesak ili erika. Ova biljka koja svojim predivnim zelenilom uljepšava naše bašte tokom ljeta, a u jesen nas obraduje svojim bojama. Ova trajnica je jako zahvalna i vrlo otporna na hladnoću i zimu.

Simbol jeseni su i neizostavne krizanteme. Iako ove biljke treba saditi u proljeće i ljeto, sada se na tržištu može pronaći veliki izbor njihovih gotovih sadnica. Tako da se mogu posaditi i sada u jesen.

Tu su uvijek i trajnice koje možete posaditi u bilo koje doba godine. Trajnice su otporne na hladnoću pa mogu krasiti naše bašte i tokom jeseni i zime kada nema ostalog cvijeća. Posadite omiljene čuvarkuće, ukrasne trave, ili pokoju sadnicu novog ljekovitog bilja u vašoj baašti



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Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

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Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

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Augustina je napisao/la: (23.04.2012 09:40)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

Looks like a quality draft. For the first time in years, infielders were the focus. The good part about drafting ss type players is they can be moved to other positions as they shake out. You don’t see of guys get moved to ss. This gives the club some flexibility in the event there becomes the good problem that too many of these guys step up. Some nice arms to work with as well.Add in a number of guys who were drafted last year who have not surfaced yet fully in Garner, Eldemire, etc., next year has the potential to mirror this year on the farm. Numerous guys have the tools to step up and become prospects. nj car insurance cialis
Emeline je napisao/la: (22.04.2012 07:49)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

Very nice flexibility in the guys they selected. Depending on how they profile after some coaching and playing–and physical development–they can each be assigned to multiple positions.Walding and TGreene: SS, 3B, 2BQuinn: SS, 2B, CFLGreene: LF, 1BIt’ll be fun seeing where the slot on the field. For example, if Walding shows he can really hit, is a sure-handed IF, but decent but not great range, he can go to 2B and take over for Utley. If he has a gun for an arm, maybe 3B. Or he could be a slightly lesser hitter and be a really good SS and stay there. Similar evaluations will take place for the others. A very good situation. Smart drafting by Phils. Hey, if two guys turn out to be potential all-stars at SS, look what Hanley Ramirez got Boston. car insurance cialis
Cheyanne je napisao/la: (12.04.2012 03:19)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

I agree that inking Riley Moore would have given this delicious sundae a beautiful maraschino on top given that the system could use another talented HS catcher to develop. But the Phils must have known it would take 1-2 round $(or something like it) to buy him out of his college commitment since they took a flyer him in the 21st round and were probably hoping he could be lured toward sanity and start his pro career early. Another high school arm would have been nice too, but overall I’m VERY pleased with what we did considering where we picked in adding guys with potential at positions of need–infield and always, always, always pitching. 27 of first 33 picks signed is a WIN by any measure! auto insurance quotes infinity auto insurance
Jaylene je napisao/la: (10.04.2012 08:31)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

L Greene/Quinn Update: On Saturday morning, 8/20, supplemental first round draft pick, Larry Greene Jr., dressed and took part in baseball activities as a Phillie for the very first time. Along with second round draft choice Roman Quinn, Greene took batting practice in Clearwater at the Gulf Coast Phillies facility. The two youngsters are sharing schedules for practice, trainer sessions and more. Reports from multiple pitchers who were present at BP stated that Greene was driving balls for great distance during his first day on a pro diamond. Australian right-hander Josh Warner claimed that Greene nearly hit one over the light tower beyond the outfield fence.At this stage, it is unclear when Greene or Quinn will see game action with the GCL Phillies, but both players look forward to the opportunity to face suitable competition. Both players could be expected to take part in instructional ball from mid-September through mid-October in order to play more and to be evaluated further. car insurance in florida affordable car insurance
Julissa je napisao/la: (01.04.2012 05:41)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

that his lateral movement was questionable for 3rd base. That would be a problem at 2nd base. I believe hew is being tested for that position now; if not adequate in the field, the mention of his being tried at catcher could come into play. His loss to the infield would be acceptable since we’ve just signed several guys to play inf. including 2nd base. Greene at SS looks good but he is a large-tall guy guy whose power potential could also play at 3rd base to challenge H-Mart.They will and should try Quinn at SS; a switch-hitting ,fast-quick guy at SS would be an ideal player to fill J-Roll’s spot. The tools are similar and 3 years or more in the minors should polish him for the position. If his fielding doesn’t qualify, then the CF option would be tried. His oba would hopefully exceed J-Roll’s. No loss of speed on the bases.L.Greene can’t help but ending up at 1st base. Another lefty power guy for 35-45 HRs ultimately…and when the present occupant has had enough and retires to his little island purchased in the South Pacific. We won’t need a LFer then with all the OFers in the system going to yield at least two.Walding should be slated for 2nd base or SS. As a lefty hitter he could be visualized as Utley’s replacement…in several years. The Phils love the guy and were willing to pay him an outlandish sum as a late top ten choice…$800,000 to sign. Their scouts must see something very special in him. I’d take their word until learning otherwise.The LARGE pitchers including several intriguing lefty pitchers will likely yield several guys for a rotation and pen. Both college lefties have done very well in their shortened trial in low minors so far. Small sample size…Next year the Phils will once again (as in 2008) concentrate on pitchers…and add in catchers. Glad that Rupp was not chosen by the Astros.I AM A FAN…but there is reason, when looking at the signatories to think that this might be their best draft, ever. nexium viagra sale
Tuesday je napisao/la: (30.03.2012 12:47)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

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Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

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Jonever je napisao/la: (23.03.2012 21:26)

Re: Jesen u vašoj bašti

Nice summary. I'm also paelsed with this draft. Garvey and one of the HS catchers would have knocked my socks off, but you don't always get the sundae with an extra sauce and a cherry on top. Knight slid into the spot we'd hoped for for Garvey. Who knows, a raw guy like him could develop and be a better player in the long run. Plus we have a few toolsy outfielders left in James, Alther, Collier, Hudson, and 1 or 2 of them might pan out. Johnathan seems like a very good athlete, good kid, great family, and will dedicate himself to developing more body strength and bat speed, right Justafan? He could beat the odds.Not getting a HS catcher hurts more. We had a chance to sign one of four (RMoore, Tomassetti, Olson, or AKnight). Maybe they were all asking for such a high dollar and Phils felt it was way too much risk for their profile, at this point in their development. Also, maybe they were the type happy to be drafted, but really set on going to college.So we got a delicious sundae, with lots of stuff on it, just no butterscotch sauce or cherry on top. But some chocolate sauce and walnuts, etc. Tastes great.Good job Phils. And to PP for providing the venue to follow closely and get the earliest possible breaking news.
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